Thursday, January 4, 2007


Sometime back I found a gem buried in a mod that was doing a dozen different things... send addon errors to a chat frame. I promptly ripped all the extra crap out of this mod, called ErrorRedirect, and condensed it down to a mere 14 lines of code. I never released it because you had to uncomment if you wanted a debug stack... it was a minor pain but nothing I'd want to subject the average user to.

Well, I came up with a solution, put the stack trace in a tooltip and make the output text a good old link, just like an item. So without further blathering, I present tekErr. Get it on GCode and WoWI.

Small note, if you want it to output to a different chat frame (it uses ChatFrame5 by default), you'll still have to go muck about in the code :)