Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Tem pointed out a lil bug in my hooking, this version is highly recommended as it's a bugfix.


FriendsWithBenefits- and tekKompare-

Two little goodies, since I finally got unlazy for an evening and finished something new...

FriendsWithBenefits is a friend list sync mod. Nice, simple, automatic. Adds your alts to the list so it's super easy to mail crap to them. Will also remove deleted players from your lists when it discovers them (can only discover when it's trying to add people to the list, however!) GCode, WoWI.

tekKompare got a minor update, added the hovertips cause they're nifty and really simple to pull off. Just delete the lua file if you don't want them. Also fixed a nil bug that was cropping up from time to time with mods showing item tooltips. GCode, WoWI.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Added hover tips (it was simple code, why not?)... also added a local that can be changed to check a modifier key before showing tips. As usual: WoWI GCode

Thursday, February 8, 2007


Fixed wands in inspect frames and ammo.

Download: WoWI, GCode

Monday, February 5, 2007

tekKompare- and PriorityMail-

Two new addons for your enjoyment.
*warning, may contain SURPRISE BUTTSECKS*

tekKompare is a nice simple EquipCompare style addon. It takes advantage of the wonderful new OnTooltipSetItem script slouken gave us to make the code super tiny, just how I like it.

PriorityMail was written to complement ExpressMail and fill the need of mass-mail that I miss since the 2.0 addon sundering. I shamelessly stole the code from grennon's Postal, but he used ExpressMail's code so I don't feel bad about it... like I ever felt bad about borrowed code before...

So enjoy them, available at the usual places:
tK: WoWI - GCode
PM: WoWI - GCode