Monday, February 5, 2007

tekKompare- and PriorityMail-

Two new addons for your enjoyment.
*warning, may contain SURPRISE BUTTSECKS*

tekKompare is a nice simple EquipCompare style addon. It takes advantage of the wonderful new OnTooltipSetItem script slouken gave us to make the code super tiny, just how I like it.

PriorityMail was written to complement ExpressMail and fill the need of mass-mail that I miss since the 2.0 addon sundering. I shamelessly stole the code from grennon's Postal, but he used ExpressMail's code so I don't feel bad about it... like I ever felt bad about borrowed code before...

So enjoy them, available at the usual places:
tK: WoWI - GCode
PM: WoWI - GCode