Monday, December 11, 2006

Let the blog begin!

Righto, so I'm taking my first huge steps into the "new" internet (yes yes, I'm an old IRC crone, I like my email spam-less and my smilies plain text :P )

So this blog will be where I announce releases. It is set up to forward into my Google group automatically, so those of you subscribed there will get announcements as well. Downloads can be found at WoWI, and maybe those "other" sites If I feel like it (you know me and extra effort...) I won't be sticking files on the Google group except during patchday madness, that was just a temporary solution anyway.

I'm trying to force myself to make and update wiki pages on WoWWiki (and AceWiki where appropriate), but again that effort thing rears it's lazy head. I'll link them over on the sidebar as they're made.

So welcome all, hope you enjoy. If not, well then screw you!